Dr. Gopila Gupta


About Dr. Gopila Gupta

Hematologist interested in leukemias, plasma cell disorders and bone marrow transplantation. I am keen to research ways to improve health care delivery in limited resource setting. Loves to travel and explore new places, nature lover and food enthusiast.
Educational Qualifications
  1. M.B.B.S @ VMMC, SJH, New Delhi, India (2006- 2012)
  2. MD Pediatrics @PGIMER RMLH, New Delhi, India (July 2012-June 2015)
  3. Pediatrics, Command Hospital Air Force, Bangalore (July 2015-Feb 2016)
  4. Hematology, VMMC and SJH, New Delhi (Mar 2016- Jun 2016)
  5. PDCC fellow hematology, SGPGI, Lucknow (July 2016- Dec 2016)
  6. DM Clinical Hematology, AIIMS-New Delhi, India (Jan 2017- Jan 2020)
Awards & Achievemnts
  • IMAGE 2019- first prize in the national quiz.
  • Hematocon 2019 quiz- second prize in the national quiz.