3rd OctoberHarrison Innate immunity, OA and crystal arthropathies
8th OctoberInnate immunity and Osteoarthritis
11th OctoberBiology of normal joint and biomechanics
15th OctoberArthrocentesis, Synovial fluid analysis and Gout
18th OctoberOther crystal arthropathies
19th OctoberHarrison HLA, Secondary arthritis part I
22nd OctoberGenetics and epigenetics
25th OctoberInnate cells part I
29th OctoberInnate cells part II
1st NovemberAmyloidosis, hemophilia and hemochromatosis
5th NovemberHemoglobinopathies, Regenerative medicine
8th NovemberHarrison – Secondary arthritis part II, Periarticular diseases
Malignancy and Rheumatology, Tumor and tumor like lesions
11th  NovemberEndocrine and metabolic diseases
11th NovemberPG, LT, Mast cells, NSAIDs
15th NovemberCytokines, Proteinases and Matrix degradation
19th NovemberCytokine Signaling, ORMD
22nd NovemberCardiac risk in Rheumatology, Bone and Metabolic bone diseases
25th NovemberHarrison Adaptive immunity
26th NovemberT cells and B cells
29th NovemberAdaptive immunity and autoimmunity
13th DecemberHarrison : Primary immunodeficiencies
Clinical research methods, Economic burden, Biomarkers
17th DecemberPregnancy and steroids
20th DecemberJoint, synovium and cartilage
24th DecemberCell death
27th DecemberSkin, eye and RD
30th DecemberHarrison: Skin and joint infections
31st DecemberOsteo-proliferative disease, AVN
3rd JanuaryHarrison – Autoimmunity and Autoinflammatory syndrome
PID rest from Cassidy; AIS – Rest from Kelley
7th JanuaryBacterial, Lyme and fungal arthritis
10th JanuaryTB arthritis
17th JanuaryViral arthritis
20th JanuaryHarrison:  Rheumatoid arthritis
21st JanuaryRA I
24th JanuaryRA II
28th JanuaryJIA I
31st JanuaryJIA II
7th FebruaryHarrison: Sjogren syndrome, Fibromyalgia and rheumatic fever
Kelley Sjogren syndrome
11th FebruaryNeuronal regulation of pain and fibromyalgia
14th FebruaryPain I
18th FebruaryPain II
21st FebruaryPain III
24th FebruaryHarrison SLE, APS
25th FebruaryAPS
28th FebruarySLE I
4th MarchSLE II
7th MarchSLE III
11th MarchPain IV
14th MarchHarrison: Scleroderma (Day)
Harrison: Inflammatory muscle disease (Evening)
18th MarchSSc I
21st MarchSSc II
25th MarchMuscle and Inflammatory muscle disease
28th MarchHarrison: Sarcoidosis, IgG4 related disease, Behcet’s, RP (Rheumat timing)
31st MarchHarrison: Vasculitis
1st AprilVasculitis I
4th AprilVasculitis II
8th AprilVasculitis III
11th AprilHarrison: Spondyloarthritis (Rheumat timing)
15th AprilSpA I
16th AprilSpA II
18th AprilHarrison: Other Spondyloarthritis (Rheumat timing)
22nd AprilPsA
25th AprilEnteropathic arthritis
29th AprilSarcoidosis, IgG4 related disease
2nd MayBehcet’s, RP
6th MayPACNS
9th MayHereditary diseases of CT