S. No. Date Day Topics Faculty
1 17-Oct-20 Sat History and physical examination Dr Nilesh
2 24-Oct-20 Sat ECG Dr Nilesh
3 18-Oct-20 Sun Exercise testing and nuclear cardiology Dr Shanmugam
4 31-Oct-20 Sat Echo and Adult CXR Dr Nilesh
5 07-Nov-20 Sat CT and MRI Dr Nilesh
6 25-Oct-20 Sun Cardiac catheterization, coronary angiography, intracoronary imaging Dr Shanmugam
7 14-Nov-20 Sat Heart failure- Mechanisms and pathophysiology Dr Nilesh
8 21-Nov-20 Sat Acute heart failure- Assessment and Management Dr Nilesh
9 28-Nov-20 Sat Heart failure with reduced EF- Management Dr Nilesh
10 05-Dec-20 Sat Devices for heart failure and mechanical circulatory support Dr Nilesh
11 12-Dec-20 Sat HFpEF and End stage HF options Dr Nilesh
12 01-Nov-20 Sun Arrhythmias- Genetics and electrophysiology Dr Shanmugam
13 08-Nov-20 Sun Diagnosis and therapy for Arrhythmias Dr Shanmugam
14 15-Nov-20 Sun Bradyarrhythmias Dr Shanmugam
15 22-Nov-20 Sun Pacemakers and ICD Dr Shanmugam
16 29-Nov-20 Sun Specific Arrhythmias Dr Shanmugam
17 06-Dec-20 Sun AF Dr Shanmugam
18 13-Dec-20 Sun Cardiac arrest, SCD and syncope Dr Shanmugam
19 20-Dec-20 Sun Preventive cardiology- Vascular biology and risk markers Dr Shanmugam
20 27-Dec-20 Sun HTN Dr Shanmugam
21 03-Jan-21 Sun Lipoprotein disorders Dr Shanmugam
22 10-Jan-21 Sun Nutrition, cardiac rehabilitation, Integrative cardiology Dr Shanmugam
23 17-Jan-21 Sun Coronary blood flow and ischemia Dr Shanmugam
24 24-Jan-21 Sun STEMI Dr Shanmugam
25 31-Jan-21 Sun NSTEACS Dr Shanmugam
26 07-Feb-21 Sun SIHD Dr Shanmugam
27 14-Feb-21 Sun PCI, transcatheter therapies Dr Shanmugam
28 19-Dec-20 Sat Aorta, PAD Dr Nilesh
29 26-Dec-20 Sat Diabetes, Alcohol and toxins and CVD Dr Nilesh
30 02-Jan-21 Sat Valvular heart disease- part I Dr Nilesh  
31 09-Jan-21 Sat Valvular heart disease- part II Dr Nilesh
32 16-Jan-21 Sat IE, HCM Dr Nilesh
33 21-Feb-21 Sat Dilated and restrictive cardiomyopathies Dr Shanmugam
34 28-Feb-21 Sun Myocarditis, Cancer therapeutic agents, HIV Dr Shanmugam
35 23-Jan-21 Sat Pericardial disease, Traumatic heart disease Dr Nilesh
36 30-Jan-21 Sat Pulmonary embolism, PHTN, sleep apnea Dr Nilesh
37 06-Feb-21 Sat Special population- CVD Dr Nilesh
38 13-Feb-21 Sat Endocrine disorders, tumours, neurologic diseases Dr Nilesh
39 20-Feb-21 Sat Rheumatic fever and rheumatic diseases, neurologic, renal diseases Dr Nilesh
40 27-Feb-21 Sat ASD, VSD and PDA Dr Nilesh
41 06-Mar-21 Sat TOF physiology, Tricuspid atresia, TGA Dr Nilesh
42 13-Mar-21 Sat Other cyanotic heart diseases and Kawasaki disease Dr Nilesh
43 20-Mar-21 Sat ECG, CXR and echo in congenital heart diseases Dr Nilesh
44 07-Mar-21 Sun Clicinal trials, epidemiology and personalized medicine Dr Shanmugam
45 14-Mar-21 Sun Recent advances and new trials Dr Shanmugam
46 21-Mar-21 Sun Electrophysiology  basics of intracardiac mapping and cardiac catheterization MCQ Dr Shanmugam
47 27-Mar-21 Sat Exam and Discussion 1 Dr Nilesh
48 28-Mar-21 Sat Exam and Discussion 2 Dr Shanmugam
49 03-Apr-21 Sat Exam and Discussion 2 Dr Nilesh
50 04-Apr-21 Sun Exam and Discussion3 Dr Shanmugam
51 10-Apr-21 Sat Exam and Discussion 4 Dr Nilesh
52 11-Apr-21 Sun Exam and Discussion 5 Dr Shanmugam